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Perfect Spooky Protection!!

I absolutely love this collection! I was having a hard time finding something that matched my personality and has everything for self defense. Then I found this and saw that niccologio also helps support women and children who have been in abusive situations. I knew I had to make this the company I get my products from. I had recently had an encounter where someone followed me home and I did not feel safe after that. But with this set I do. Plus a beautiful web cup to go with it. The whole process felt more empowering then like I had been defeated and now need these items. Plus she is a total sweetheart. Thank you!!

Stun Guns
Norayma Marsh

Stun Gun

SolidBlack Self Defense Keychain Basic Set
Norayma Marsh

Fast delivery. Great items. My daughter is very happy with the items.

SpookyBabe Self Defense Bundle

This spooky bundle is THA BOMB!!! I LOV all of these products, protecting my family 24/7 at home and in the car, all of these products are so important and Cheva also show us how to use them on her YouTube channel, you ROCK CHEVA! Thank you so much for keeping us safe and sound!!!! xoxoxo

I love the material

Will be Purchasing more..

Love the products, they seem sturdy and really nicely made. Very fast shipping


Everything was good quality and vibrant colors. My niece and I love everything we got!

Mini suit case

I bought this as a gift for a friend and didn’t realize it came in a mini suitcase. She opened it up at work. The girls loved it and and I think your site got passed on to more folks that day. Expect more clients cause it was the talk of the hospital floor.

I love ❤️ it!

I'm very impressed! It's lightweight and each item is easy to use. I ordered a 2nd one for my mom as well. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Love this!!!

My order just arrived today! Beautiful colors and awesomely equipped with literally everything I need when stepping outside of my door.😊 Thank you!!! Will definitely order again!!!


Got more than I excepted. Gonna order more

This is great

I just feel safer with it I don't get off work til 10 pm and it's not in a very nice area so I am always nervous when I leave once I got this I felt more safe and that if something was to happen I'd have something to protect myself with

Mora Self Defense Keychain Combo Set

Get it NOW

I love the Mora set so much! I'm sure all the sets are great, but this I highly recommend this one. I split the set into multiple key rings and have them hidden in various places of my car. I can also take any items I want and easily clip them to my belt loop, purse, etc. I always have some number of the items in the set on me when I go anywhere alone or with my bestie and her baby. All of the items are high quality and useful. Get it, get it, get it!

Lipstick Knife
Angel-Marie Fink

Lipstick Knife


I bought the pink plaid combo set I absolutely loved and recommend and shipping was fast im buying again 💜🫶🏽

Alani Self Defense Keychain Combo Set
I loveee itt

Im so happy with my key chain its amazing. Im definitely going to order another one soon. My daughter took the kitty knuckles lol. 💜💜 i think everyone needs one.

Pepper Spray
Emily V
Happy with my purchase!

Very happy with this purchase! Shipping was quick and I feel safe having this. Other pepper spray I have tried, the lock didn't stay in place, so I'm happy this one does.

Stun Guns
this is the one

this is the best shop ever and i hope u don't give up on this love it and hope u have a good day

Ready, Set, Pink Self Defense Keychain Bundle
Wonderful experience

Fast shipping and great packaging

Cheetah Self Defense Keychain Combo Set

Lipstick Knife
Prestina Henderson
Perfect Secret Self Defense Weapon!

I love it and it looks great with my other lipglosses! 💕💄💋

you never know!!

you never know. Protection . Hope I never have to use. but i got it

Mora combo set

I absolutely love this set ! Not only did it come faster then expected but it had everything I asked for . The quality is amazing and I feel confident that if needed my new tools will work they way they should, forbid that I need to use them but having them after being diagnosed at a young age with an autoimmune disease it gives me great piece of mind to have this in my corner! Your a star and your customer service is on point please don't ever change that !

Baby Petals Self Defense Keychain Basic Set