How does a Multi-functional seat belt cutter works?

Two weeks ago i received a message from a customer (Lets call her Niccobabe) concerned that the car window breaker part of the multi functional seat belt cutter she got from doesn't seem to work or was defective. 

I got curious and immediately replied because i personally test all the products before posting them in my website. (To find a worthy vendor is not an easy job, and i take my job with responsibility) 

I asked her to send me a short video so i can advice a solution. When i watched the video i felt the necessity of replying with another video explaining the proper use of the gadget) and here i want to break it down to you so you don't make the mistake Niccobabe was making.

This particular seat belt cutter has 3 functions: 

1) Car window breaker: The black part you'll see at the top. You'll press this part against the window (Do not test it on your hand or body) 

2) Seat belt cutter: Located in the middle of the gadget. It has a protection lead so the blade doesn't get stuck on any garment, hair, finger by mistake. (Remove this lead before you need to cut the seat belt)

3) Whistle: At the bottom or end of the gadget. Use it to call for attention or help when your voice isn't enough. 

If you are in a car accident this is the perfect small tool to have around. Feel free to leave a comment with your questions or send me an email to

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* Multi-functional seat belt cutter:


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