Can a kubaton break a car window?

Last June i had an Instagram reel that went viral and to the date has almost 20 million views. It was a very short video where i mentioned that the kubatons that are included in the popular self defense key chains are false advertised as car window breakers.

I, then, offered a simple tool as a solution: A multi-functional seat belt cutter that, in fact, can brake a car window - of course i showed me testing it- and yes i have both tools on my website

To my surprise, and based on most of the comments i got on that reel, many people haven't seen all the TikTok videos -that i have seen- offering kubatons as window breakers but showing them on top of car windows (a little confusing huh) making the consumer think that it works as a tactical pen.

So while you can easily break glass with it, if you try it on a car window because of the thickness of the glass you can brake your hand, and that's what the videos don't show.

I tried it but made the mistake of deleting that part because i thought that i wasn't able to perform due to my body type (size and weight / skinny and small) but when i saw the video that Dutchintheusa posted of him trying what i have mention enough here and he couldn't either, i regretted deleting my proof.

But, nevertheless, I am on the hunt of a windshield to bring more content to you guys. (i'm so pumped about presenting proof to my audience, lol )

Stay tuned for the next blog post because i wouldn't want you to miss out any bit of information. Stay safe!


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